Laat de onderneming voor je werken


What would you do different if you're honest to yourself?

As a business owner, you have already developed a clear vision of where you want to be in three years’ time. You have worked out a plan how to get there. You have already taken a number of important steps, but acknowledge the need for an experienced sparring partner. Our Advisory Board meets this need, so that together we can safeguard the realisation of the plan.

What is the difference between an Advisory Board and a Board of Directors? Read all about in the following blogs (in Dutch):

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Why a business coach can help your organization

As a business owner, it can often feel more lonely than you would like. An independent sparring partner is the one who can give you that little nudge you need. He will act as your mirror that will lead to insights that you’re aware off but most likely conveniently tucked away.

We have already completed the Business Improvement Plan if you’re already working with a Thexton Armstong personal business coach. By now, you and your team are working independently on continuous improvements. The next logical step to embed improvements and solidify our partnership is the Thexton Armstrong’s Advisory Board.

In this session we will show you how our Advisory Board works and how it fits within your organization. We have several options for this.


We will continue to the next step once we have a clear picture of your situation and mutual trust is established . You will receive a clear proposal from us, in which we outline our partnership going forward. You will determine the frequency of sessions and the degree of involvement in your business by the Advisory Board.

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