We understand that ‘one size fits all’ is outdated and that you are looking for a franchise partner option that suits you and your available budget. We therefore offer three options that we will further explain to you in a personal conversation.

Franchisepartner options and pricing

Franchise partner

As a franchise partner, you will work as an independent Thexton Armstrong consultant in your territory.

  • One-off investment of € 39,500 (minimum cash for investment € 16,500).
  • The monthly royalty fee is linked to your turnover and grows as your turnover grows.
  • You work as a self-employed person, but you can count on the support of Thexton Armstrong®.
  • You will of course have access to all Thexton Armstrong® tools, methodologies, training and one-on-one coaching on customer conversion and customer projects.
  • If you want to accelerate building your footprint, you can benefit from the Thexton Armstrong® appointment service for an additional investment.
  • You will be given every opportunity to develop yourself as a senior franchise partner.

Prices are valid until 31 July 2021.

Senior Franchise partner

We will give you plenty of time to develop yourself towards senior franchise partner level. As a Senior Franchise partner, you work together with one or more independent Associate Franchise partners in your franchise.

  • One-off firm upgrade fee of € 10,000
  • You support the start, development and success of your associate franchise partners.
  • You share in revenues generated by your associate franchise partner(s)
  • In this franchise option you actively build a passive source of income and the possibility to sell your company in the future.

Prices are valid until 31 July 2021.

Associate Franchise partner

As an associate franchise partner, you will work closely with a senior franchise partner.

  • One-off investment of € 16,500.
  • The license fee is based on your invoiced revenue and is paid directly to the Senior Franchise partner.
  • You work as an independent entrepreneur, but you can count on the support of an experienced Senior Franchise partner.
  • You will have of course access to all Thexton Armstrong® tools, methodologies and training.
  • You benefit from all marketing efforts

It is only possible to join as an Associate Franchise partner if a Senior Franchise partner is active in your territory.

Prices are valid until 31 July 2021.