Did you know that in 9 out of 10 SMEs, money is leaking out of their business unnoticed? And that business owners often don’t achieve their personal goals, for example because the organisation is not well structured and the business owner is occupied with fire fighting; too many urgent, but not necessarily important issues? At Thexton Armstrong® we help SME business owners become more profitable and organised in order to achieve personal and professional goals.

We are a management consultancy that helps SME business owners achieve the goals they set out a the start of their business. Thexton Armstrong® has been advising SME business owners in the Benelux since 2011. With our internationally proven Profit Leakage Model and our extensive Business Improvement Plan, we help organisations to better structure their businesses.

It is our mission to become the trusted partner of the SME business owners and help them with the successful (re)structuring of their businesses. We deliberately aim for this long-term goal, as it is our vision that you don’t change a business overnight and enduring partnerships are not based on quick wins only.

Franchise partners get all the freedom they need to grow plus wonderful tools to work with. We work with our franchise partners the way we work with our customers.
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As an experienced Thexton Armstrong® consultant, you will help build organisations that are not only more profitable and efficient, but one’s that will also achieve the business owners personal goals.



You don’t do this by producing reports week after week, but by being able to demonstrate your added value to business owners early on in the process. Business owners will be temped to make the next step as they’ll be able to see the benefits of working with you early on in the process.

At Thexton Armstrong® , you become the advisor you wish you had in your previous position.