Anton has supported a wide range of SME business owners and is always focused on creating added value for each business owner and his company.

Through his years of experience, Anton has gained a good understanding of what is needed to develop new ideas and strategies, to actually implement and supervise them.

As an advisor in the financial sector, Anton has gained extensive experience in advising entrepreneurs in the SME sector. In recent decades he has been closely involved in important developments in the SME sector, such as (growth) strategies with scenario analyses, business transfers and entrepreneurs who were in ‘troubled waters’.

What drives a business owner, which challenges does he face? Anton likes to listen to the story behind the business. With his extensive experience Anton knows how to present, implement and oversee solutions that demonstrably create added value. Anton has a well-functioning network that can help business owners realise their ambitions.

Early 2014 Anton joined Thexton Armstrong where, supported by professional methods, he uses his wealth of experience to support entrepreneurs in his region.

Every business has its problems and opportunities. The trick is turning opportunities a reality with positive energy and enjoyment.

A big hobby of Anton is ice-skating and cycling. He looks back with great pleasure on the two Eleven Cities Tours he skated in 1986 and 1997. His involvement in fundraising for charities with which he gives underprivileged children a chance to develop themselves as well has a special place in his sports heart.

Anton is married and has two daughters.