Benny Schulte has held various management and executive positions in ICT, banking, HRM and consultancy.

After completing his studies in Movement Sciences at the Free University of Amsterdam, he has always remained in ‘motion’ within organizations and organizational units, for which he was responsible.

Many entrepreneurs confirm to me that they feel alone when confronted with various issues.

With Thexton Armstrong’s methodology, I want to help them, as a personal business advisor, to develop a successful business.

In earlier years, he has implemented change and business improvement processes at medium-sized ICT organisations with the aim of creating a focus on results and customer focus. In addition, he was vice-chairman of a company pension fund for many years. He is an all-rounder at senior management and board level.

Benny now shares the acquired knowledge and experience with SME business owners who want to take their business to a next level. In many companies, processes can be organised better and more efficiently. This will not only improve the results, but also increase the enjoyment of work. The business owner and the team can then be justifiably proud of their work. Benny takes up the challenge of increasing this return on investment and only stops when the finish line has been reached.

Benny is married and has three children. In addition to his work, he has two other passions: Italian sports cars and cycling/mountain biking.