With over 20 years of experience, Frans has frequently experienced how people are impacted by change and company mergers. Both in his own companies as well as in charity management positions.

Initiating change to improve things is what drives him.

Frans knows better than anyone else that people impacted if things don’t go as once wishes. And that it takes trust to allow people to open up and discuss the burden they carry with them. As a good listener and analyst, Frans is able to create an atmosphere for self-reflection and change. With an end result that the person involved is again able to find his drive and satisfaction.

Having grown up in an entrepreneurial family, Frans has experienced from an early age with how important passion is when owning a business. He started his own career as a manager at the Ministry of Defence. In 1995 he decided to start his own physiotherapy practice.

Continuous development is Frans’ second nature. He started his own organisation and consultancy business in 2007 after completing his studies in Business Administration. The combination of advising, supporting and coaching others to improve is what motivates and satisfies Frans each and every day.

Looking for the next step to further apply his knowledge, experience and qualities led Frans to join Thexton Armstrong as an SME advisor in 2018. Thexton Armstrong’s practical, hands-in, no-nonsense approach is what motivated Frans to join them. The Thexton Armstrong methodology is at the heart of his daily consulting practice.

Frans lives with Astrid and his three beautiful daughters in Harderwijk. In addition to being an SME consultant, he is a freelance photographer and a piano musician. Frans also likes to cycle on his racing bike, enjoys skiing and volunteers for the local hockey club and equestrian sports club. Describing Frans in three words: enterprising, analytical and creative.