Entrepreneurship is the common thread in Jacques’ career. At his own companies but also at the companies where he has been employed.

Through the field of advertising and marketing, in which he has worked primarily, there is always an almost natural motivation to look at things from the customer’s point of view and to put that perspective at the heart of the organization. This focus has helped him to (re)structure various (owned & operated) companies and to prepare them for the (constantly) changing and innovating market conditions. Advising his clients has always been an important part of his role. As a result, Jacques has been able to see inside many companies.

Experiencing what it feels like to be successful as an entrepreneur yourself.

As an entrepreneur, he has experienced for himself what it feels like to be successful, but also what the downside of that success can be. Even if it was only the conclusion that no one can be successful on his own. Problems and challenges are inextricably linked to success. You can learn this from experience that, not from books. “The approach and structure of the Thexton Armstrong method is a great combination of knowledge and experience that allows us to really help SMEs,” Jacques quotes as the main reason why he chose to join Thexton Armstrong.

The following statements typify Jacques: ‘talk the talk’, ‘walk the walk so do what you say’, ‘trust your gut feeling’, ‘enjoy what you do’, ‘see and seize opportunities’, ‘together you can do more than alone’. Pragmatic and systematic work with a healthy dose of humour is the cradle of success.

As a business mentor at the Young Entrepreneurship Foundation, Jacques helps students to set up and manage their student company. This way, young people experience what it is like to be an entrepreneur. He is also an external expert for graduation assessments of students at Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven.

Jacques was born and raised in Utrecht, but has been living in the south of the country for more than 30 years now. He is married to Carolien and is the father of two children. Spinning and racing bicycles offer a healthy counterbalance to the ‘Burgundian’ character of Jacques.