During his career, Jean has analysed and advised many large SME companies from a broad perspective. He has had a career in the food industry and has worked for both a multinational and a medium-sized family business. Mostly in managerial positions, as CFO and as project manager. Jean then worked for several years as financial director in the media sector.

During his career as a project manager, Jean has successfully supervised many ICT software implementations. He has been active as an independent consultant since 2010 and has brought all his business experience to business improvement programmes, particularly tailored to SMEs.

The collaboration with Thexton Armstrong is the perfect match to combine my knowledge with their methodologies and expertise.

In the collaboration with Thexton Armstrong he finds the ideal combination of independence, targeted cooperation, objective thinking, maximise your expertise and good enterprise.

Jean seeks his motivation mainly in improving, strengthening and expanding. He thinks in terms of solutions, is pragmatic and sets high, but above all realistic requirements for himself (and the company). He has always been familiar with and familiar with entrepreneurship.

Jean has been active as a director of a national sports association, family businesses, associations and foundations. He is a graduate business economist (Erasmus University). In his spare time, he is mostly involved in sports. He has been active as a qualified trainer/coach in rowing and youth football. In his spare time he likes to spend his time in nature for some peace and quiet. Jean is married and has three children.