Jobien is a passionate and experienced business advisor, who since 2000 has been talking to entrepreneurs on an almost daily basis. Above all, she is involved in working with them.

She is curious about people and businesses, with the aim of understanding how things work. She is especially motivated to see how things can be (even) improved. Another driver is ‘doing it yourself’. Those were her first words. For her, doing it yourself meant: deciding for yourself how to do something, discovering how to do it better. This resulted in her own company in which business owners are given the tools and skills to run their own company successfully again.

I'm just very curious by nature

“I’m just very curious by nature and combine that with business knowledge and my analytical skills. This leads to plans & solutions that are also feasible. “As an entrepreneur, she has experienced all sorts of things – takeovers, acquisitions, lawsuits, hiring and firing staff, managing, doing acquisitions, streamlining administration. She knows the challenges, the hassles and the freedom of doing business. She combines these experiences plus her consulting skills with Thexton Armstrong’s approach and methodologies. With the goal, of course, to make SME business owner run their business (even) better by means of a tried and tested method.

Shall we just get on with it?

“Nice all that talk, but shall we just get on with it?!” After a few years as a scientist, she studied business administration. Soon she found herself with two feet on the ground and started organizing and doing business. She then spent many years coaching start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Together with the business owner, she looks at what is keeping him awake and what he dreams of. Or, of course, what keeps her awake at night or dreams of. Women do business differently, but certainly can do it to!

The nightmare and the dream as a starting point for the recovery, improvement or growth of your business. Her role is to ask the critical questions, to provide sharp analyses and to create a feasible plan combined with humour and compassion. Then structure and ensure that the plan is actually accomplished with everyone in the company involved.

In addition to being an advisor-entrepreneur, Jobien Wind is also the mother of 3 adult children. She likes to sail and also uses her boat for teambuilding activities, practical leadership and communication questions.