Like no other, Joop feels involved with the business owners he works with. He grew up in an entrepreneurial family and has always worked for and with family businesses throughout his career.

Understanding how a business owner thinks and acts is in his genes. In earlier positions, he supervised his successor as general manager for two and a half years and made the choice not to aspire to an operational position any more. He wanted to use his knowledge and experience to help other entrepreneurs. He knows that his ‘fresh view from the outside’ offers special opportunities for growth.

Despite (or perhaps thanks to) a thorough knowledge and understanding of all ranks of organisations, Joop wants the achieve the best for the person he advises. This makes his advice very personal. That is why he chose Thexton Armstrong : the clear, professional, structured but pragmatic approach of Thexton Armstrong in combination with the qualities of Joop gives in his opinion a guarantee for the best result for a business owner.

What works for the business and what works for the entrepreneur is not always aligned. My job is to get it aligned.

The strength of Thexton Armstrong and Joop’s insight result in the personal guidance and advice of SME business owners. The result is that the situation significantly improves for both the company and the business owner. Tangible. Measurable.

A healthy culture is an important basis for success for Joop. Culture is a soft factor that determines the effectiveness of the harder components such as productivity. You can buy time, you can buy presence, you can buy a number of physical actions, but you can’t buy initiative, loyalty and enthusiasm.

Joop lives in Heerenveen and was born in Friesland and is involved in many activities in Friesland.