Koen has earned his track record in the business world in which he has successfully implemented several change processes from managerial positions.

His passion for improving business processes in combination with his broad experience enables him like no other to actively support companies in the implementation of improvement projects.

Koen himself has been involved at the core roots and can, through his enthusiasm, focus and practical skills, initiate and implement the necessary improvements in order to achieve the goals set together with the business owner.

Koen made the decision to opt for entrepreneurship in 2011. Initially with the idea of acquiring an SME business, but in this search he came to the conclusion that he could better use his knowledge and experience to support business owners in the Small and Medium Enterprises sector as a partner.

“With my expertise I can help a company and my experience has given me a good insight into what does and does not work within SME businesses. With this insight I can support business owners in a professional and pragmatic way”.

In order to be able to (continue to) do a good job as an advisor, Koen is of the opinion that, in addition to a good piece of experience, you need to have a good methodology and a professional organisation. He found in Thexton Armstrong the organization that met his needs perfectly with a tried and tested methodology. “The approach quickly gives the business owner insight into the areas from which money is leakage. Then, together with the business owner, a practical improvement plan is drawn up”.


Why reinvent the wheel if the expertise is available?

This has enabled Koen to work together with all layers within a company to gain insight into how people can be persuaded and stimulated to achieve the maximum. “By listening carefully to what moves people, a lot can be achieved. For me, this is a skill that has improved over the years, but has also made me modest”.

Koen has followed courses in Chemical Technology, Operational Excellence and Marketing and Logistics.

Koen is married and has two daughters. Koen is a fanatic ice-skater and is at board level active in the skating world.