Peter Rijsdijk has been successfully helping entrepreneurs, particularly SME’s, since 2004. He enjoys helping business owner to achieve their business goals.

Through solid financing, supporting improvement processes and driving on financials. His goal is to significantly improve the situation for both company as well as the business owner. Visible and measurable.

As a business owner himself, Peter is the right guy for SME business owners. He has experienced the different faces of business; the good times and bad times. He speaks the language of the entrepreneur and understands the SME environment.

Simplifying complex questions back to the essence

As a Thexton Armstrong advisor, he enjoy unraveling complex questions. He works in a structured way, keeps a helicopter view without losing sight of the details. He always finds a clear and creative answer.

Peter easily connects with people. In doing so, he carefully listens and connect the dotted line between people and business. He has a strategic view but doesn’t lose sight of the practical feasibility. It is no coincidence that Peter is a fanatical chess player and active at managerial level in the world of chess. He also supports the development of chess in primary schools.

You don’t always need numbers to determine where you stand as a business. That’s why he chose the Thexton Armstrong methodology. The clear, professional, structured and pragmatic Thexton Armstrong methodology in combination with Peter’s qualities, guarantee the best result for the entrepreneur.

Peter is a stable, well balanced personality and ready to face any challenge. He is not your typical corporate type and likes to tell it how it is. He is a driven, energetic and motivated advisor with a realistic view on things.