In his almost ten-year military career, Pim developed from a soldier to an officer. This shaped him to become a trained leader, where learning to lead, but also managing in peacetime was one of the aspects.

Still, Pim thought something was missing.

An HRM study and an internal training to become a Colleague Coach turned out to be the right direction. He was passionate about opening managers’ eyes and taking them out of their comfort zone by confronting them so that they could grow.

He was able to combine this with supervising a major reorganisation as a transition manager. Unfortunately, the right mandate did not materialise, but a long cherished dream had become a reality.

A hobby that grew into a business.

Pim was always looking for opportunities to start a business and this materialised in the form of horse blanket laundry business. This was a ‘hobby’ for his father-in-law, allowing him to pay for groceries. But Pim saw this as an opportunity.

Pim has experienced and overcome all the possible challenges of a start-up. He enjoyed growing this business. Still, something kept nagging Pim forcing him to look for the next challenge.

Helping business owners break through glass ceilings, that's my thing!

He has now found this in further helping SME business owners as an advisor at Thexton Armstrong. “Helping business owners break through glass ceilings, or ensuring that a business owner has sufficient time to also enjoy life and his or her family, that’s my passion! How does he do it? By being sharp, open, honest and sometimes unconventional.

It was the complete package offered by Thexton Armstrong that made him decide to start as an advisor. “To measuring is to know, and that’s exactly what the Thexton Armstrong methodology offers. All aspects of business operations are covered in the methodology, allowing you to properly screen companies. ” The personal approach also appealed to him: “At Thexton Armstrong, you’re an advisor but most of all you’re a trusted partner.”

Words describing Pim are ‘logistics’, ‘small-business’, ‘efficiency’, ‘hands on’, ‘measuring is knowing’, ‘go-getter’ and ‘planning and organising’.

Pim is married to Ilse and together they have two sons. He used to play rugby fanatically. Nowadays he finds training the youngest pupils at the rugby club of his sons the most rewarding things on the planet.