Richard Lock has extensive experience in the field of sales, change management and business development at home and abroad.

After studying engineering, he started his career in the ICT sector, after which he mastered numerous business processes, gained the necessary sales experience and led major international change projects.

I often see SMEs struggling to achieve objectives with scarce resources. They lack the access the facilities that are quite normal to larger companies. Our pragmatic and efficient methodology is the answer to that!

By starting and expanding the European headquarters of an American start-up, Richard discovered the world of pioneering and entrepreneurship. He learned how to grow a company with scarce resources and how to successfully position an innovative product to larger company as a small company. Over the past ten years, Richard has focused entirely on developing new markets and sales channels for innovative automation solutions.

Richard now shares his knowledge of and experience with change processes and various business processes with entrepreneurs in the SME sector, allowing them to better equipped in a rapidly changing business world. In this way they are better able to (re)grow their business and realise profits.

In his spare time, Richard is a passionate amateur chef and music lover. In addition, he likes to take a mountain bike to cross in the woods around Apeldoorn during the weekend.