During his career he has gained a lot of experience in setting up, acquiring, growing and divesting SMEs. Both at larger and smaller companies and both nationally and internationally.

Erik grew up in an entrepreneurial family and started his first business at the age of twenty-five.

You can only really put yourself in the shoes of other entrepreneurs if you have experienced these things yourself as an entrepreneur.

“Book knowledge is very important, but you can only really put yourself in the shoes of other entrepreneurs when you have experienced for yourself as an entrepreneur what it means to do business at your own expense and risk.

Over the years, Erik has acquired the necessary knowledge, but the biggest added value was derived from contacts with and advice from other experienced (former) entrepreneurs. This ‘outside view’ was often enlightening and sometimes confronting, but ensured the focus stayed on key issues such as strategy and the achievement of intended goals. Usually business goals, but sometimes also personal.

After having been active as an SME entrepreneur for twenty years, Erik sold his last business interests. Since then Erik has been active as an investor/investor and he also advises other entrepreneurs.

“Valuable advice, based on knowledge and experience, combined with a personal approach and the clear, professional, structured but pragmatic approach of Thexton Armstrong is what makes the difference”, Erik says .

Erik is married to Berber and has a son and two daughters. In his spare time he can often be found on his favourite island Terschelling. He is also involved in many activities in the region.