During his career, Okkie has gained a lot of experience within different positions and in different areas. Partly in companies in the field of market research, marketing and sales especially in telecom. In the last 14 years he launched, expanded and sold his own company. Okkie is a professional with a broad interest and a wealth of knowledge & first-hand experience in the field of small and medium-sized businesses.

It is important that a business owner has someone to go to with questions and concerns. Expert advice in combination with structural partnership is extremely valuable to an entrepreneur.

After a career in the research and telecom sector, Okkie decided to start its own company in 2005. The research agency DirectResearch was a frontrunner in the field of online market research. In 14 years he has experienced all phases of entrepreneurship, including selling his company. Okkie’s first-hand experience as an entrepreneur makes him a SME subject matter expert.

“My experience and expertise allows me to help and advise other business owners. I quickly see what does and does not work in a business. There are no blueprints for small and medium-sized businesses and each entrepreneur is unique. I support business owners in a professional and pragmatic way.”

Okkie now shares his knowledge and experience with entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized businesses, so that they themselves can add value to their own business. In this way, entrepreneurs can further grow their business and improve profits.

One of Okkie’s interests is wine. He knows a lot about wine, has done several wine courses and of course appreciates an occasional good glass of wine. He is regularly seen on the squash and tennis court with friends. He lives in Amsterdam on a Dutch houseboat, and regularly sails his other boat through the Amsterdam canals in summer. Maybe you’d like to join him one day?