Over the years, Tijnis has impressed with a successful career as a consultant, sales director and business unit director.

Through his experience with people at all levels within various companies, he gained a good understanding of the challenges facing the people within a company and recognises the opportunities.

His broad experience as a consultant and project manager enables him to have a good insight into what is needed to implement and guide ideas, regardless of whether this is done within a large or a small organisation.

Tijnis made the decision in 2011 to become an independent business owner and to support other business owners in the SME sector as a consultant. In Thexton Armstrong he found a partner who supports him in a professional and pragmatic way.

I believe that having a business should provide challenges, fun and energy.

In addition to his experience in various sectors ranging from production, telecom and ICT, he has a thorough education in technology, sales and management. He has held various managerial positions in consultancy, ICT, sales and marketing, market and business strategy and business operations within independent business units.

Tijnis has worked with a variety of organizations and has experience in leading Business Units with small to larger teams. He has been able to create strong growth with new product/market combinations and has initiated several improvement projects in which he is able to achieve results by combining clear choices with a focused vision.

Adventure is what Tijnis loves and in addition to speed ice-skating the famous Eleven Cities Tour he has also crossed the African continent from north to south with two Land Rovers with a group of fellow adventurers. He is also active as a trainer and coach of sports teams, organised cycling races.

Tijnis is married and has three sons. Besides his family, Tijnis loves running and ice-skating. Sports have taught him that the best performance is achieved through the right balance of targeted training and resting.