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Joop Akkerman

Like no other, Joop feels involved with the business owners he works with. He grew up in an entrepreneurial family and has always worked for and with family businesses throughout his career.
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Koen Berghuis

Koen has earned his track record in the business world in which he has successfully implemented several change processes from managerial positions.
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Okkie Boot

During his career, Okkie has gained a lot of experience within different positions and in different areas. Partly in companies in the field of market research, marketing and sales especially in ...
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Erwin van Eck

Erwin has been part of the Thexton Armstrong organization since its inception in 2012. First as a partner in the Netherlands, since 2019 as general manager of Thexton Armstrong in Belgium.
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Anton Erich

Groot Salland & Zuid Drenthe
Anton has supported a wide range of SME business owners and is always focused on creating added value for each business owner and his company.
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Paul Farmer

Paul has earned his track record both as an entrepreneur and in various managerial positions in the corporate business world. His career started in his native England and then went on to work as an ...
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Erik Hauser

During his career he has gained a lot of experience in setting up, acquiring, growing and divesting SMEs. Both at larger and smaller companies and both nationally and internationally.
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Wim Kerseboom

Utrechtse Heuvelrug/Vallei en Rijn
Wim has been active as an independent business advisor since 2005, specialising in internet applications. Both in the field of marketing and the optimisation/integration of work processes. He has a ...
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Jean Korthals Altes

During his career, Jean has analysed and advised many large SME companies from a broad perspective. He has had a career in the food industry and has worked for both a multinational and a medium-sized ...
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Richard Lock

Richard Lock has extensive experience in the field of sales, change management and business development at home and abroad.
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Stéphane Odent

Stéphane has more than 20 years management and leadership experience in various organisations and sectors, preceded by a career as an officer in the Belgian Army.
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Peter Rijsdijk

Flevoland, Gooi & Eemland
Peter Rijsdijk has been successfully helping entrepreneurs, particularly SME’s, since 2004. He enjoys helping business owner to achieve their business goals.
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Benny Schulte

Flevoland, Gooi & Eemland
Benny Schulte has held various management and executive positions in ICT, banking, HRM and consultancy.
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Michiel Smudde

IJsseldelta & Noordoostpolder
During his career, Michiel has held both sales, management and executive positions in various family held businesses and industries.
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Jacques Suijdendorp

Entrepreneurship is the common thread in Jacques’ career. At his own companies but also at the companies where he has been employed.
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Joris van Unen

With 12 years of experience as an accountant at various regional accountancy firms, Joris knows the SME world inside out. He has assisted various companies in, amongst other things, acquisition and ...
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Pieter Van Hengel

During his career Pieter has gained a lot of experience in the field of general management, strategic planning & marketing, new product & business development and various (lean) change ...
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Tijnis Verhoeff

Over the years, Tijnis has impressed with a successful career as a consultant, sales director and business unit director.
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Frans Wakelkamp

With over 20 years of experience, Frans has frequently experienced how people are impacted by change and company mergers. Both in his own companies as well as in charity management positions.
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Michiel van de Watering

Utrechtse Heuvelrug/Vallei & Rijn
Michiel started his career in financial services and worked for both the private and corporate markets. After a number of years he switched to marketing consultancy.
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Jobien Wind

Jobien is a passionate and experienced business advisor, who since 2000 has been talking to entrepreneurs on an almost daily basis. Above all, she is involved in working with them.
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