Do you have a succession plan? Are you considering to sell or divest your business?

By working with an experienced consultant, with no vested interest to hastily sell your business, you will get a realistic and objective insight into your business. This way you can be sure that this is the right step for you.

Do you have a good understanding of how to sell or hand over your business?

Selling or handing over your business is one of the most important events in your life as a business owner. But before you do this, it is important to ask yourself why, how quickly, to whom and for what price you want to sell your company.

In this session we will show you how we structure the process to prepare for the sale of your business. Your priorities are paramount. If you don’t have a lot of time, we can quickly adapt to your needs.

Time to reflect

We only continue once we have a clear understanding of your situation and mutual trust is established. You will receive a straightforward proposal from us, in which we have shaped our partnership. We have split our programme into two separate phases, giving you a clearer picture of what needs to be done by when.

In phase 1 we determine your starting position and understand your motivation and priorities. At the end of phase 1 there will be a go or no-go decision moment. At that time, you will receive a separate proposal from us as to how we can proceed to phase 2. In this follow-up phase, we will work to increase the value of your company and substantially improve the chances of successfully selling your business.

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